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About the Cisco Wi-Fi Integration
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Mapiq assists organizations and their employees in creating more efficient workdays through real-time data analytics. Many companies face challenges in optimizing their office space, which has become even more pronounced with the introduction of new ways of working.

Despite the widespread adoption of the hybrid working model, occupancy levels continue to be a concern for many organizations. Those with low occupancy are focused on increasing office attendance, while those with medium occupancy aim to bring people back to the office, while also optimizing workspace and facilities. Organizations with high occupancy prioritize workspace and facility optimization while ensuring employee satisfaction and productivity. Each group has unique needs and challenges but all require data to optimize their real estate, workspaces, and facilities effectively.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of how your facilities are utilized, how to plan our your services, and optimize your workplace setup, knowing the daily number of employees using the office is crucial.

Powered by Cisco Wi-Fi data, Mapiq offers workplace leaders access to more reliable relative office attendance data and detailed reports, enhancing workday bookings without the need for automatic check-in integrations. This solution provides insights at both building and floor levels, utilizing existing infrastructure without requiring additional investments in sensors or check-in integrations.

Requirements & Getting Started

If your office uses Cisco devices, ensure that you meet the following requirements to activate the Cisco Wi-Fi integration:

  • Mapiq Enterprise subscription;

  • Cisco Spaces EXTEND (or ACT) license;

  • Devices registered on Cisco Spaces;

  • Cisco Infrastructure and network (Meraki and/or Catalyst).

Cisco Wi-Fi data is integrated into Mapiq's Analytics reports. To learn how to enable this feature and understand the data you will receive, refer to the following articles:

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